What is family lifestyle photography?

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What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography takes the audience through what a day is like in someone’s life. When you look at these images, the person’s characters and interests can jump out right in front of your eyes!

When it comes to lifestyle family photography, it reveals more than the little people’s bubbling personalities. It also tells the tales of how the family lives and plays. We see the emotions through their interactions; we see how they laugh and how they love.

What is a family lifestyle photography session like?

A lifestyle family photography session with me involves me as a photographer running behind you and capturing your family in the most natural way. I will leave the big lights behind in the studio as their presence may interrupt the flow of events and emotions. Instead I will best utilise natural light by considering the location and timing of our photo shoot.

You may hear me ask about the children’s personalities, likes and dislikes, so we can choose the appropriate place for the shoot and encourage them to take part in activities they are going to enjoy. A lot of times I see children forgetting about the cameras when they are having fun in their play; and as they warm up they may even ask to be captured in photos!

What is the style of lifestyle photography images?

As I capture much of the images in a candid way, there will be images where not everyone is looking into the camera, or the family members may be spread out in the photos. However the photos will still be artistically pleasant as careful consideration will be made on the angles and composition when the pictures are taken!

Is there any posing in lifestyle photography?

In most of the instances I would like to capture the scenes as are, but there will be times that I will step in to direct so the pictures look their best. For example, I may prompt or encourage the children to take part in certain activities or pay attention to certain details (“Look at that squirrel climbing up the tree!!”); I may direct the family away from an unpleasant background (“There’s a rubbish bin just behind you”); I may make minor adjustment to the composition (“Don’t hide behind daddy or I can’t see you”). And at times, when you are in the right settings and right mood, I will take some traditional portrait pictures for you as a group.

Why should I take lifestyle photography portraits?

I would normally suggest families to go for portraits in lifestyle photography settings when they feel a bit awkward in front of cameras. By being in a natural environment with some of the attention diverted to activities, people tend to warm to the camera and shake off the unease quite quickly. It is not uncommon for children to ask for their photos being taken once they have warmed up!

Lifestyle photography is also a great option for young children who cannot stay still and need to be constantly on the move. And of course, lifestyle photography appeals to families who would like natural looking photos that show how they live and play!

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