Tips on what to wear for Christmas photos

With festive season approaching, people might like to have photographs captured to share with friends and families for celebration of Christmas. One important task on hand is to find the photographer whose style you like. Then come the other big question – what should I wear for my Christmas photos?

Here are a few ways to dress in festive manner for Christmas photo shoots.

Dress in Christmas colours

Often, dressing in colours that we relate to Christmas will instantly put us in the Christmas mood. Think red, green, white and gold. You can vary the colours across the different family members.

There are also patterns that we can easily relate to as Christmas patterns, such as checks.

Wear christmas colours for photos

Let's wear Christmas jumpers

Alternatively, wearing Christmas jumpers (or even pyjamas) will speak in volumes also. They can be of Christmas prints or winter patterns such as snowflakes, diamonds, etc. Try to mix different patterns in the same clothing set, the busy patterns will crash with each other and create a uniform chaos.

Wear christmas colours for photos
Family wearing christmas jumpers

What about wearing Christmas pyjamas? Of course! If you are shooting in a photography studio or other private space, anything fun and silly will just add to the festive mood!

Wearing Christmas Accessories

If wearing bright colours is not your thing, nothing is simpler than wearing Christmas accessories, such as Santa hats or animated Christmas head bands. Instantly your outfit says Christmas!

Wear christmas colours for photos

Glamming up for Christmans

What is a better time to dress up than Christmas? If dressing up is your thing, go for it! It is time to bring out your beautiful dresses and nicely tailored suits to sparkle for the occasion. Please make sure everyone in the shoot though is glammed up for a consistent feel!


It may be worth checking with your photographer whether any Christmas props are available in studio. If so, you can rely on the props to convey the Christmas message and dress more neutrally. Or you can dress festive to compound the Christmas effect!

Christmas mini session with prop

Post Production

Last but not least, sometimes photographers (like me) may offer 'special effects' for season specific photos! This is an example of how we make a photo more Christmassy than when it was taken.

Children photo posing for christmas

I hope the tips above give you some inspirations of what to wear for your Christmas photo shoot.

Should you wish to know more about my family photography sessions and my style, please see my family and children photography .

We are not offering Christmas mini sessions this year due to Covid. However, we do offer outdoor photography sessions or regular photography sessions post lockdown. Alternatively, please order our fun post production Santa image that will guarantee to give your family are smile.