New Born, Baby and Maternity Photography

As a mum I am frequently fascinated by how quickly the babies change. I blink, and the little one is in a different stage. Every day is a new discovery for her and for me. I am more than grateful that I have her key stages documented in photographs. ‘Oh, I forgot she was once so tiny!’

And it will be even more fulfilling to capture that journey from when he / she is inside the womb, pending to discover the new world. You can show your grown-up child in years to come when mummy was carrying him / her!

When to Take New-Born Photos

The most ideal time for new-born baby shoot is when babies are 1-2 weeks’ old. Babies are sleepy most of the time at this stage and their bones are soft, both meaning they can be curled up for the photos in a similar way they lay on your chest.

What to Expect for New-Born Photo Shoots

I always suggest parents to allow for plenty of time for the photo shoot. While a shoot may be completed in 2 hours, it can also take up to 4 hours, with majority of the time spent on settling the baby and making sure he or she is comfortable for the shoot. Quite possibly they would require cuddles or feeding during the shoot.

I take a combination of photos with the babies in their natural manner as well as with props so you have the full variety to choose the images from. I also take family pictures of babies together with parents and siblings, as these are key milestones in your life that you may want to record!

Baby Photos after New-Born Stage

A great time for more baby pictures is when they are around 6-9 months and at a stage they can sit up on their own. Then we would be able to take a combination of pictures with your babies posing on their own, as well as them interacting with you.

What to Expect for Older Baby Shoots

A session for older babies generally lasts between 1-2 hours. While we would not aim to put them into sleep during the session, they may nevertheless require some moments to be settled for the camera, or need a break here and there. Again we are baby led to ensure big grins for their pictures!

When to take maternity photos

I would suggest when you are in your third trimester, around 30-36 weeks. At this stage your bump will be more obvious, and you still feel energised.

What should I wear for a maternity photo shoot?

The choice is yours! It can be casualwear such as blouse and jeans, lingerie that shows your bump naturally on skin or maternity dresses. Should you choose to wear dresses, consider dresses that accentuate the bump – they can be fitted dresses or dresses that flare below the bust.

I have also got a selection of flowy long dresses especially designed for maternity photo shoots. They look amazing but are not exactly practical for everyday wear! We can discuss if there are any dresses in the selection that you would like to wear in our consultation.


New born photography in studio session fee (please allow for up to 4 hours for session) - £95
New born photography on location session fee (please allow for up to 4.5 hours for session and set up) - POA

Older baby or maternity in studio session fee – £75
Older baby or maternity on location session fee – £95

Bespoke Artwork from £75
Digital package from £195